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        Sweep, the pork price early to know
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        Fuqing City Yong Cheng animal husbandry Co., Ltd.

        Address: Fujian province Fuqing City mountain town Xue Village

        (Sino US joint venture) in Fujian province and more permanent Chenghua pigs Ltd.
        Address: Fujian City, Fuqing Province, Chen Village East Han Zhen

        Jiangxi Yong Cheng farming and animal husbandry Co., Ltd.
        Address: Jiangxi province Poyang County Yang source village of Shangrao City Town Village Lu Huang Gang

        National VIP hotline: 4001181992

        National customer service hotline: 4000001895

        Fax: 0591-85870826

        Email: ycwaldo@vip.163.com

        Fujian Cheng donon Animal Husbandry Equipment Co. Ltd.

        Address: Fuqing City, Fujian Province, mountain town, Xue Hong Kong Industrial District

        Contact phone: 0591-86097666

        Biography: 0591-85887286

        Web site: www.fjchengduo.com

        Mail box: ywdb@fjchengduo.com

        • Telephone consultation

        • 400-118-1992

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